What Is This A&S Brewing Thing All About?

In 2011 we launched Alchemy & Science, now abbreviated to “A&S Brewing”, with an amorphous goal of creating a “craft beer incubator” to bring innovative craft beers to beer lovers near and far. Since then we’ve lived up to that goal. We are proud to say we now have three breweries with taprooms operating on both coasts and Southern Florida. Our common denominator is clear: focus on creativity and maintain an independent local character and spirit. We listen to the rhythms of our local communities.

Our “strategic plan,” if you want to call it that, has been simple: keep the quality high and stay open to innovation. We have abided by that, and the best proof is that in the aggregate we have brewed and sold hundreds of different beer styles under five different labels.

A&S Brewing is more of an umbrella than a company. We started as a “craft beer incubator”, and that definition has worked well for us. We are headquartered in a small office in Burlington, Vermont, but our heart and soul is in our breweries. We function the way lots of families do. We live in different parts of the country, but we stay in touch, and we support each other as we experience growth, changes and successes.

Here are our breweries, in order of appearance:

ANGEL CITY BREWING – Our brewery, located in the Downtown LA Arts District, has become a pivotal part of the brewing renaissance in the area. The District is the antithesis of glamorous Hollywood; it’s a gritty, edgy gathering place for artists and musicians, and [lucky for us] brewers and beer lovers. Since our first beer, Angeleno IPA (now Angel City IPA) in 2013, we have developed and served over 1000 batches of beer at our brewery and Public House, which now draws thousands of beer pilgrims each year. Some of our favorite beers are: White Nite, Angel City LAger, Avocado Ale and of course Angel City IPA.

CONEY ISLAND BREWING – Coney Island Brewing became a part of the A&S Brewing family in 2013. We debuted regionally with styles like Mermaid Pilsner and Coney Island Lager, among others, and have evolved our portfolio to include Merman New York IPA, and the Sideshow Series, a revolving series of innovatively freak, Coney-inspired beers . Coney Island Brewing happily welcomes beer lovers to our Innovation Brewery on Surf Avenue on Coney Island, open for brewing, public tours, tastings, and events.

CONCRETE BEACH BREWERY –With two great breweries on each coast, we decided to start looking southward for opportunities. We landed (literally and figuratively) in Miami. We found the Wynwood Arts District, and fell in love. Poof! Concrete Beach opened in September 2015 with an official “towel cutting” by the Mayor and a Blocktoberfest neighborhood party. The hot Latin rhythms of south Florida have inspired innovations like Havana Lager and Floridafest and Oktoberfest-style lager with coconut. We now brew and sell Concrete Beach beers throughout Southern Florida.

What’s next, you might ask? Well, we’ve built a fantastic foundation. We are certain that we have enormous growth opportunities with our three brands and plan on focusing our efforts on continuing to grow and build upon what we’ve accomplished since 2011. Our Visitors’ Centers, Social Hall and Public House are becoming important gathering places for locals and visitors alike.

Well, wonder of wonders…we are happy that having started Alchemy & Science in 2011 with no specific strategies or goals, we can now say with confidence that we exceeded our wildest dreams. We have brought new drinkers into the craft category. We have created “home town beer” for three cities. We have maintained our commitment to innovation and independence. We have lots more growing to do. We hope you’ll be along for the ride as we firmly believe the best is yet to come.

Onward and upward!