Confidence in Simplicity, Now in Bottles

The Just Beer Project is excited to announce the launch of Just IPA in 12 oz. bottles

Burlington, VT (September, 3 2013) – Combating beer-drinking confusion and superiority, the Just Beer Project has launched Just IPA in 12 oz. bottles, adding a sessionable option to the rows of beers battling to out-hop, out-ingredient, out-do their shelf mates. Quadruple barrel aged bourbon stout brewed with yeast from an ancient Saharan tomb? No thanks. Sometimes you just want a beer.

It’s the state of the beer industry that prompted craft beer veteran, Alan Newman, to start the Just Beer Project.  The craft beer company’s first beer, Just IPA, will be adding confidence in simplicity to store coolers and shelves with the launch of bottles, beginning in September

Since it’s launch this May in Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Virginia Beach and Central New Jersey, Just IPA has been embraced with open arms (and mouths) by beer drinkers, bar and restaurant owners primarily because of its full flavor, less than 5% ABV, and low bitterness units. Along with the launch of bottles, Just Beer will be expanding the beer’s reach bringing sessionable IPA to nearly all of Pennsylvania, parts of New York and Massachusetts, New Jersey, Delaware, New Hampshire, New York and Rhode Island.

Just Beer Project’s mission is to bring the craft beer world back to what it’s all about: good quality, accessible beer.

“People want beer that’s flavorful, accessible, and will take them through the night, said Alan Newman, founder of the Just Beer Project. “The feedback we received from bar owners and customers in our first two months was overwhelmingly positive, and we’re excited to bring our concept into new territories.”

For the aficionado, Just IPA comes in at 45 IBUs and a sessionable 4.8 % ABV. It’s brewed with four hop varieties and two different styles of malt, then dry-hopped with Citra, Simcoe, and Cascade hops giving it a well-balanced malt flavor and fresh hop aroma. For the person who’s looking to spend less time reading about beer, and more time drinking it, Just IPA is the perfect choice

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About Just Beer Project

The Just Beer Project is a craft beer venture from Alchemy and Science, based in Burlington, Vermont. The Just Beer Project was launched in 2012 set out with the mission of un-complicating the world of craft beer.