Out With ‘The Vortex,’ In With Summer Beer

The Just Beer Project Announces the Launch of Just Summer

Burlington, VT (April 3, 2014) – After a Polar Vortex winter, and a finicky groundhog’s foresight, beer drinkers everywhere are ready for something to accompany them into the season designed for simplicity and social activities.

In the spirit of warm weather, The Just Beer Project is launching its first seasonal beer, Just Summer. Just Summer is a lightly hopped, sessionable wheat ale, lower in alcohol (4.2% ABV), to take drinkers from poolside to campfire and everything in between. For the person who’s looking for a social ale that doesn’t sacrifice flavor, Just Summer is the perfect beer for the season.

“We’ve taken the same concept of ‘sessionability’ that has become so popular among the IPA category, and introduced it to a beer style that speaks to summer,” says Alan Newman, founder of The Just Beer Project. “Summer is synonymous with full days and longer nights, so what better way to enjoy the greatest season than with a Just Summer.”

The Just Beer Project’s flagship, Anytime IPA, has been rolling out into select areas since May 2013. Just Summer is the second in the Project’s lineup, whose mission is to brew kick ass beer that won’t kick your ass (all under 5% ABV), that focus on a delicious malt to hop balance, and crafted not to suck.

Just Summer is currently available in 12 oz. bottles in select areas throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia and Hartford, CT.

About Just Beer Project

The Just Beer Project is a craft beer venture from Alchemy and Science, based in Burlington, Vermont. The Just Beer Project was launched in 2012 set out with the mission of un-complicating the world of craft beer.



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